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Near the end of the 19th Century, in Lyon France, at the moment in European history known as the Belle Epoch — when everything good seemed possible, two wildly creative brothers, Auguste and Louis Lumière started working together in their father’s photographic factory producing photographic plates. The work was tedious, but soon the two visionary brothers designed the machines necessary to automate their father’s production and devised a successful new photo plate, ‘etiquettes bleue’, to help automate production.

The two Lumière brothers went on to develop the first practical photographic color process, the Lumière Autochrome. These brothers were celebrated in every civilized country for their pioneering photographic technical innovations. These brilliant inventors advanced the cause of still and color photography like no other men before.

We are proud to honor these men with our annual Lumiere Awards, which celebrate Excellence in Photography and the Moving Image.

Click here for more on the Lumière brothers’ achievements.

The Lumiere Awards

Conceptually and aesthetically, The Lumiere Awards calls for images that are expansive, images that rupture, reveal, disrupt and free how we feel and see.

Photography is the driving visual force of our time.  In still and movie form, images influence how we think, see and act. Whether by conjuring past times or transporting us to the farthest reaches of the present, photographs expose our humanity.

The Lumiere Awards are an international open call for photography possessing uncommon vision.  This opportunity is open to photographers of all backgrounds who capture images that make the unknowable known. Our goal is to celebrate the most iconic photos taken by new and emerging talent, as well as professionals, from around the world and award their photographic insights.

The Lumiere Awards are an initiative of Fabrik Media, Inc., a Los Angeles-based multifaceted creative and marketing agency that supports artists and their mediums. In collaboration with a talented and passionate network of publishers, dealers, curators and arts professionals, Fabrik Media provides artists with professional opportunities to have their work exhibited, published and represented through various platforms including Fabrik, Fabrik Expo and Photo Independent.

Meet the Team behind The Lumiere Awards…

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