How to Enter



The Lumiere Awards are currently open for submissions.

The Lumiere Awards are an open call to all photographers — professional or emerging — using traditional, digital or mobile devices. No matter what language a person speaks, the attention a photograph receives is based on an individual’s perception, which is what makes the award so important for the recipient.

Entries are only accepted through our online submission system. No other forms of submission will be accepted.

Photos may be submitted in one or more of the following categories:

Abstract Photography
Abstract photography is photography that produces dramatic imagery. It does not depend as much on detail as it does form, curves, and colors. In this category of photography, you will find photographs of nature, buildings, and any type of surrounding. The photographer will take a familiar area and make it unfamiliar. You may find pictures of winding roads, flowers that are bent, insect on flowers, or an abandoned house in the middle of a windy storm.

Advertising Photography
Advertising photography is important in the advertising world. In this category you will find pictures of different products or models of a new idea. The photograph can be a complex diagram of numbers and lines to show a new technology. You may also find photographs of a new and upcoming product. Advertising photography takes an image of something a person wants to advertise and makes it a main focus. For example, a jewelry ad for engagement rings may show a picture of a hand with a very detailed diamond ring and have some words that hint to engagement.

Architecture/Cityscape Photography
Architecture and cityscape photography is photography that includes buildings and skyscrapers. You will see photos of beautiful architecture such as an old building with beautiful columns. You may also see a modern building made from glass where the photograph highlights the angles and geometrical shapes of the building.

Collage Photography
Collage photography takes pictures of different scenes and merges them together. You may find pictures that show someone’s life throughout time. These photographs include any interest the photographer has and combines them all into one to create different scenes all going on at different times but tied together through the collage. You may find collages of college life, growing up, or birthday parties over the years.

Conceptual Photography
Conceptual photography is a type of photography that illustrates an idea. There have been illustrative photographs made since the medium’s invention, for example in the earliest staged photographs, such as Hippolyte Bayard’s Self Portrait as a Drowned Man (1840). However, the term Conceptual Photography derives from Conceptual Art a movement of the late 1960s. Today the term is used to describe either a methodology or a genre.

Experimental photography is a way of manipulating photos to make them seem as if something else is happening or make something impossible happens. These photographs are pictures of things that are nearly impossible to do. You can find photographs such as a wave making a heart in the water, landscape that is a tunnel or even a person doing something unexpected or possible.

Documentary Photography
Documentary photography is a form of photography that brings important events and also historical events to life through photographs. Documentary photos are real life pictures of famous and important historical events where the photographer tries to capture the moment and also candid moments throughout the event. Documentary photographs are taken over a length of time and document the story of historical events. You will find photographs such as pictures of the Civil War or any great movement in history.

Fashion Photography
Fashion photography focuses on fashion and accessories that help enhance the beauty of the person wearing them. There are sections within fashion photography that include the creation and demonstration of outwear, style concepts, and also accessories to accessorize with. Fashion photography is seen in many magazines and the clothing and accessories are typically worn by models. Fashion photography includes pictures of models wearing clothes or will also include images of clothing themselves laid out. You may also see some pictures of jewelry to accompany the clothes as well.

Landscape/Seascape/Nature Photography
Landscape photography is photography that is taken of the world around us. It includes seascape and nature photography as well. In this category you will find pictures of the landscaping around us such as pyramids, canyons, and beautiful open desert land. Seascape photography will include pictures of the ocean or a beautiful secluded beach. Lastly, the nature photographs will be of animals in their habitat or even plants.

Mobile Photography
Mobile photography is of pictures on the go. In this section you will find photographs of any event or any place that the photographer is at. These photographs are typically captured via a smart phone, tablet, or any other mobile device. You may find a picture of a waterfall from only a couple feet away or a picture of hay bales in a field while the person is in a moving vehicle.

Non-Professional / Amateur Photography
Non-professional and amateur photography is photography that is done as a hobby. In this category you will find a lot of photographs of everyday life or of a specific topic. Some of the photos you may find in this group include: weddings, beaches, old houses, and even nature.

Nude Photography
Nude photography is photography that captures the nude human body. The art form is focused on the qualities and beauty of the human body itself. Nude photography is focused on showcasing the realism of the body. It is designed to show off the beauty of the human body and also portray it in a positive light. In this category you will find nude photographs of men and women.

People/Portraits Photography
People and portrait photography are pictures of people. In this category you will find two different types. The first kind is portrait which will be a picture of someone who is posing and looking at the camera. These are normally taken to celebrate graduations or milestones. The other type is people photography and you will find candid pictures of people in this section. You will typically find people photography to include birthday parties or a night out with friends.

Photojournalism is a type of photography that focuses on gaining photos for news publications. These images are collected and then compiled to present a news story on a subject. In this section you will find photos of top news stories which may include an event that happened or a tragic car accident. You can also find photographs of charity events that are being put on to support a good cause.

Political Photography
Political photographers have captured big events such as John F. Kennedy and other famous presidents throughout the decades. You can typically see political photographers at events such as: presidential voting, campaigns, and bill signings. In this section you will find photographs of things such as a present speaking on a topic or a new bill being signed into action.

Still Life Photography
Still life photography is the ability to take an inanimate object and bring the photo to life and make it look amazing. In this section of photography you will find a lot of images of perfectly cooked dinners or even bouquets of flowers. You can also find pictures of other objects such as various antique jars ranging in size.

Street Photography
These photographs are photos that are taken of people candidly in everyday life. The people are out in public and living their lives as they normally would. Street photography also does not need to necessarily include people in it either. The photographer can take photos of the area or a signature landmark within the city. In this section you will find pictures of people living everyday life or a building that is a special landmark.

Video/Moving Images Photography
This photography captures images in real time and has a movement within the picture. The viewer is able to see the movement in the photograph and understand what is going on through the photo. In this section you will typically see pictures that are of moving vehicles and you can tell by looking at the photo that the vehicle is in motion. You may also find photographs of people swinging on swings or on a merry go round.

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